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At The Dow Law Firm, we have been handling real estate transactions for Georgians for 19 years  and would welcome the opportunity to assist you, too. Our seasoned attorneys are responsive to the needs and questions of our borrowers, agents, buyers, lenders, and investors. We also have a very experienced staff that has been working together for many years.  We serve the Metro Atlanta area and are also uniquely able to provide closing services throughout the entire state of Georgia.  We are able to handle real estate transactions in-office or at the property being refinanced, at the real estate agent’s office, or at any other location convenient to the parties involved.  If you are a title company, loan officer, purchaser, seller, real estate agent, lender, borrower or investor, please contact us and we’ll be glad to discuss your transaction and offer a closing option for any situation.

We are a law firm focused on Real Estate transactions.   

​We have over 100 closing attorneys and an experienced staff. 

We proudly serve all of Georgia's 159 metropolitan and rural counties.  

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