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Know Your Rights

Georgia law requires that all real estate closings be executed by an attorney.  The closing attorney’s role is to help those involved in the transaction by overseeing and explaining all of the documents executed at the transaction. 

The closing attorney helps all parties involved by making sure they understand their rights and obligations.  A good closing attorney helps to make sure that well-intended buyers, sellers, borrowers, lenders, and agents have their transaction go as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

The closing attorney ensures that title issues are resolved as quickly as possible (preferably well in advance of closing).  Examples of title issues might include uncancelled liens or property owners who have passed away (but without proper handling of an estate).

The closing attorney aids the lender or mortgage broker by making sure that the loan documents are executed properly, and that the property (which is the collateral for the loan) is free of title issues.  This ensures that the lender stays in a priority position (unless they are issuing a second position loan).

At The Dow Law Firm, PC, our attorneys have been handling Real Estate Closings for over 19 years, and would welcome the opportunity to assist you, too.  We are a small office, and our attorneys are responsive to the needs and questions of our customers, agents, buyers, lenders, and investors.  Please contact us and we’ll be glad to discuss your transaction to see how we can help.  

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