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About Me.

My name is Anthony Chachere Dow and I have been handling real estate transactions in Georgia for nearly twenty years.  I have closed thousands of loans with thousands of people, helping them feel confident and gratified that they successfully arrived at the end of a long closing process.  I have also had the opportunity to train hundreds of attorneys over the years, often providing a stepping stone in their careers.  Attorneys that have worked with The Dow Law Firm have gone on to distinguished careers at law firms, in government, as solo pracitioners, prosecutors, and public defenders. These are the things I am most proud of.  


Specializing in real estate closings has enabled me to become one of the most respected attorneys in my area 0f practice.  My law firm works with title companies and lenders from all over the country and has maintained relationships with some of the largest title companies in America for over a decade.  I have personally closed loans in most of the counties in Georgia and enjoy working directly with Georgia citizens.  I have heard so many fascinating and funny stories from so many interesting people at the closing table.  I believe these stories have made me a better person and I look forward to meeting new people and hearing new stories everyday.  Closings are like a box of chocolates.  


​My legal career began in law school with a clerkship with the Ninth Circuit Federal Public Defender's office.  After law school I worked at boutique law firms in Los Angeles, California gaining experience in civil litigation, business litigation, employment, and entertainment.  After relocating to Atlanta, I worked at boutique firms practicing in the areas of business formation and litigation, immigration, bankruptcy, and personal injury.  I was also able to gain jurisprudence working directly with the Honorable Brenda J. Cole as a clerk in the State Court of Fulton County.  These experiences enabled me to found The Dow Law Firm in 2005. I am honored to continue providing legal services and advice to the citizens of Georgia. 


B.A. History  1997

University of California,

Los Angeles

While pursuing a B.A in History at the University of Los Angeles, I began working as an Assistant Teacher at Seeds Elementary School.  This led to my first career as an Educator.  I went on to work at S.T.A.R. Education, a non-profit corporation, and various public and private schools as an environmental science and wildlife teacher.  

J.D.  2000

University of Southern California Gould School of Law

During law school, I was able to continue my love of teaching by becoming a trusted tutor in the storied athletic department at the University of Southern California.  I tutored undergraduate courses in History, Political Science and English, working directly with the coaching staff to keep the football team and various other student-athletes eligible to participate on the field.  My tutees included a Heisman trophy winner and multiple Olympians. 


My distinctions in law school included being selected for the Hale Moot Court Team and winning a clerkship for the Ninth Circuit Federal Public Defender's office in Los Angeles, California.  While clerking at the federal level, I worked on criminal cases involving complex multi-state prosecutions and wrote legal memorandum challenging violations of constituional rights.

We invite you to learn more about The Dow Law Firm, PC by calling to speak with me or a member of my staff.  

"My favorite thing about being a Closing Attorney is getting to meet new people everyday." 


Thank You,
Anthony Dow

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