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The Dow Law Firm, PC

We have helped thousands of People.

Let us help You!

Established 2005

Signing a Contract

We Are Always Closing

We have been a player in the mortgage industry for nearly two decades by consistently providing superior services to our clients in the financial services industry.

Our title companies and lenders expect and enjoy real-time legal support for their transactions, allowing us to provide a quality experience for their clients from start to finish. 

Due to the unique demands of residential real estate closings, we provide convenient evening and weekend scheduling and appointment times.

We are a law firm focused on Real Estate transactions.   
We have over 100 closing attorneys and an experienced and friendly staff. 
We proudly serve all of Georgia's 159 metropolitan and rural counties.  
We have completed thousands of Closings throughout Georgia over the past 19 years.   

City Skyline

Our attorneys will travel throughout Georgia.


All 159 counties.

Please call or email to schedule a Closing!

Our friendly staff is available 

Monday - Friday 8am to 9pm


Saturday 10am to 1pm


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